This is Feedbacker

Hi there! This is Feedbacker – a fuzz-laden noise-rock power duo hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria – and this is our first post in this small weblog we set up to write stuff we care about*.  You can find more info about us on the front page, but all in all we got together somewhere in September 2015 and just did our first show at a small festival in the Serbian Carpathians called Mount of Artan. Read more about this adventure here.

We just finished the raw tracks for a demo EP, recorded in a DIY manner with our close friend Mihail Slavov (Expectations, King of Sorrow) in our practice space. Hopefully we will have that mixed and mastered until our next show, which will take place somewhere in September.

If you are eager to hear what we sound like, you can listen to our track 20 в кръг for the MOUNTAINGAZE XIV Compilation by Artan/Stonerizer Records. Our song is a rough demo, recorded live in one take – it’s pretty raw, but you can get a very honest idea about our little group’s core sound. The other bands and artists on this release are all great, so take your time hearing the whole thing! The MOUNTAINGAZE XIV compilation is available for free/pay-what-you-want donation. The guys at Mount of Artan Festival are doing a great job running a free and independent underground festival, so consider supporting them if you like.

Mountaingaze XIV
We have another track online – Магистрали – also recorded live during the same session in May 2016. You can see some live footage on our YouTube Channel (along with other great acts we met along) – check it out here. Sometimes we upload some rehearsal takes on our Soundcloud profile, so it’s probably worth a shot.

This is pretty much all we’ve got until now and we are excited to declare our existence with the world. Making music – not just any kind of music, but this exact thing we call Feedbacker – is what makes us find peace and reason in a fucked up world. Thank you for being a part of it, reading these posts of listening to our recording, or maybe attending a show or getting to say hi.

*We are writing all this in English so we make sure our message reaches more people who care. Our lyrics are still in Bulgarian, but we’ll make sure to provide proper translation, so non-Bulgarian speakers get our most important message after all.


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