It was all whirlwind, heat and flash

We dug deeper in the last few months, diving head-first into recording some tracks for what will be our first release. Of course we did everything DIYIt was all whirlwind, heat and flash. Within a week we tracked down bass, drums and vocals.

It’s pretty raw. It’s pretty exciting. Most of the stuff is done in one take, no overdubs. Stripped-down, basic and furious. This time we went on to try and catch the most righteous Feedbacker live sound.

Basically, it took us 3 days to track down 5 songs, relatively painless.

Bass tracking

Using a bass guitar (a regular 4 string, as well as Bass VI) to hold both low-end and provide harmonic overtones at the same time is indeed a tricky business, but also rewarding in terms of experimentation. Playing through a wall of Orange amps is cool and pretty much the epitome of being in a sludge band: warm all-tube sound, tons of headroom, rich fat bottom end and all that. I found out valves tend to feed back in a pretty unique way through my current effects rig. Very distinctive and much “rounder” than what I usually get out of the solid state amps we use in our rehearsal place.

Fuzz-stacking was a tough job this time, since my “signature” Depressor pedal (which is basically a very edgy and chaotic Fuzz factory clone) was acting weird and created a wild, constant buzz. Of course, where other would cringe, I got all excited about all the harsh gritty noise coming out of the speakers and you’ll probably hear what I am talking about in the intro of one of the numbers.

I also have to say that Desi is one of the hardest hitting drummers I’ve ever played with. Oh, boy!

Drum tracking

Five tracks are nearly done as we speak. Our mate and recording engineer Mihail Slavov (Expectations, King of Sorrow) did an amazing job at capturing the rough spirit of our first songs. Next thing we’re up to is mixing and editing, starting this week. Stick around and you’ll probably hear the fuzzed-out roar somewhere this autumn.

Mihail Ballou


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