Listen to the first track off Feedbacker EP!

The first track off our upcoming s/t EP is alive, premiering on

Read more in Bulgarian

“Music for the last days. Thundering post-apocalyptic noise that echoes leaving pulsing scars across the subconscious. Sofia noise-rock duo Feedbacker is probably the best kept secret of Bulgarian underground. So far.

Feedbacker is brand new band, formed in late 2015 by Ivan Shentov (ex-KPD-0) and Desi Petkova (ex-Comasummer). Their live debut was at this summer’s Mount of Artan festival in Serbia, and their first local gig will be this Wednesday – Sept. 21 in Mixtape 5 with Trysth, Leaver and Ivan Shopov (aka Cooh and Balkansky).

September 21 is the official release date of the EP through Kontingent Records (tape & CD editions). The album was recorded and produced by Michael Slavov (King of Sorrow, Expectations).”



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