No more nomeansno.

My heart grew heavy when I got the news that NoMeansNo will be no more, but I still remember the one chance I had to see them live here in Sofia. It must have been 2007 or 2008. I found out there is a show hours before it, wasting the end of a dumb workday scrolling through the web when I saw the poster and thought “This can’t be real!”. But it was. And it was amazing.

All roads lead to Ausfahrt.

NoMeansNo have been a major influence and this news got me all emotional today. Still I am thankful for being able to catch them live and for all the great albums they’ve made. Here’s a picture of a much younger me having the time of my life at a NMN show here in Sofia.

nomeansnoMore pictures – |–||h|e|r|e||— 

All the love, guys!

Shentov | Feedbacker


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