Greek DIY scene | Lunatic Podcast #12

Just a day before our gig with Calf I was asked to make a podcast about the Greek DIY scene for our local webzine

Since the beginning of Feedbacker life was good enough to meet us with many cool bands from Greece and we’ve always felt at home playing there. Greek DIY scene is a true inspiration and we’re constantly intrigued and fascinated by the efforts and results that our friends put in making it happen. The next hour of music presents some of the most important names in Greece at the moment, without claiming to be a complete list or something. My main goal was to put together some of my personal favourites, united by their activity in the independent, anti-authoritarian DIY scene in Greece and beyond.

Podcast 12 COLOR

What this means? In short, artists rely entirely on their own strengths and manage to make their own concerts, recordings, distribution, etc. happen through a network of friends and followers on the principle of DIY. What we saw during our visits in Greece is indeed a working network of self-organized spaces, social centers and squats that allow bands to make gigs and pass their messages through without relying on bars, clubs and ticket sales. Concerts in independent spaces in Greece are most often funded by free donation, meaning that everyone can visit the event, regardless of their material possibilities. What matters is personal responsibility and involvement of the participants (artists, listeners, organizers) instead of “stars” and “fans” divided by profit.

Hope you enjoy this selection!


1. Friend Of Gods – Die A Cello
2. Broken Fingers – This Glass House Looks Empty
3. One Leg Mary – Ages Since
4. Yubari Gogo – Ferosion as Emptiness
5. Calf – Obedience
6. The You and What Army Faction – Degeneration Vacuum
7. Rita Mosss – Immigration
8. Nerrves – Nelly
9. Μαύρο Γάλα – Μοίρα Κακιά
10. Conspiracy of Denial – Doomed To Extinction
11. Dead Elephant – Cruising On The Sun
12. Mass Culture – Μιάσματα
13. Mummrah – Καλύτερες Μέρες
14. Procrastinate – Bygones
15. Sarabante – Πνιγμένοι Στη Σιωπή
16. Αρχή του Τέλους – Ξέσπασμα Μίσους
18. Χειμερια Ναρκη – Εφιαλτες
19. Autumn Acid – Ache


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