Weekend Warriors: Feedbacker in Greece 2018

We’re just back from a two gig “tour” in Greece and still excited from reuniting with old friends and making new ones. So after two great local gigs in Plovdiv we finally brought out some of our new songs and started playing them live. We headed to Greece for some shows with friends from Plebah (feat. Stratos from Autumn Acid) & Living Under Drones (feat. top blokes from Calf). Thessaloniki delivered big time, as always.


This time we played what I believe is one of the oldest squats in the city – Biologica. Amazing place with a very tight collective running the venue. Thanks to Mixalis and Melina for the great reception and everything you did for us, much appreciated.


Thessaloniki felt like home, but better. Kickass bands in the noise rock/experimental territory. First time we met the guys from Burlot, which is a great two-piece – a band I’d love to see play Sofia as well.


We had great falafel, which has nothing to do with the falafel we get at home. It had feta cheese and potatoes, weird but also very tasty! Our bestie Koutroulis took us for some late night double espressos, which gave us some power to kick some ass on stage. Caffeine is one hell of a drug and here’s a selfie to prove it.


Shows in Greece start super late, so we were having our ears massaged by some of the hottest noise bands on this side of the map till like 5 AM. We were pretty tired, but still put a decent set. Take a look:


(Fuck! I just noticed the video is sideways!? What kind of fuckery is that? How do I fix this shit?!)

Giorgos from Autumn Acid & Anasarka was our host for the night, so it was great to be at a friend’s place for the night. We got some damn fine coffee & toast in the morning and went for a short walk before we took off to Larissa. The weather was perfect.


We had a chill drive to Larissa and got early in Antidrastirio Squat in TEI Larissas. Guys from the squat were very nice to us and showed us their DIY rehearsal studio in a great occupied autonomous place in the university. Pretty much a DIY heaven with lots of space and lots of cool people involved.


Stheno from Volos opened the show, and boy these guys sound tight! Amazing band if you’re into fast and unforgiving grind/metal. We played second to a compact crowd that seemed a bit puzzled by our thing, but also very supportive. I was pretty concerned that we’ll blow up the PA, since it was clipping real hard all of the time, but it managed to survive the show.


Myteri from Sweden played last and it was a fucking pleasure to see these guys do their thing. Absolute legends! They totally smashed it, despite the PA problems and had a great attitude. We chatted a bit and traded some records and of course, I bought like 10 patches from them, ’cause fuck yeah, patches!

After the show, another Giorgos was our host at NTOYГROY squat in the center of Larissa. Amazing occupied building that has been the crash pad to many DIY bands that visited this city in the past 2-3 years.


Now we’re back home looking forward to our show here with MAYPO GALA & Skinpin from Australia in May. We’re also finishing up a few new tracks for an upcoming release and looking to record them in the following months.

Hopefully, we’ll be back to Greece soon for another tour, this time longer. Keep the flame!


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