feedbacker destroys!

Feedbacker is a fuzz-laden noise-rock power duo hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria. We are Desi (ex-Comasummer) on drums and Shentov (ex-КПД-0) on bass/vocals. We just finished recording some material for our first release, which we hope to bring out this fall via our label Kontingent Records. Currently we are writing new material and mastering our performance. We just did our debut show at Mount of Artan Festival, and needless to say we are hungry for more. We are already planning our first home show in Sofia and it makes us all hopeful and pumped up!

As of July 2016 we have a song released in the MOUNTAINGAZE XIV Compilation for the Mount of Artan Festival, as well as some demos here and there.

We got together as a band somewhere in September 2015 and, to be honest, didn’t really searched very hard for a guitar player. Playing as a two-piece is an exciting and unexplored area for us both, but we put most of our efforts to hit harder and sound as one. Shentov is using a multi-amp setup that allows us to get a broader tonal palette and rich harmonic range out of the bass. This, and our pretty minimalist approach to song writing, makes us what we are soundwise.

Each one of us comes from a different musical background – Desi is a trained musician, while Shentov comes from the hc/punk scene and is mostly self-taught. It’s hard to coin a simple list of our influences, as it would be pretty much irrelevant – we both listen to lots and lots of music. However while making our own songs we draw the main inspiration from bold artists and basically killer bands that play like they mean business.