feedbacker in the studio

Feedbacker in the studio

Long story short, we’re in the studio again, and by “in the studio” we mean our own rehearsal space we refer to as Wind City Studios.

Of course, Wind City is the brainchild of Mihail “Ballou” Slavov, top boy and guitar player in Expectations & King of Sorrow. He’s worked on our first recordings ever, so it was our first and comfiest choice to work with him again.

By far we’ve tracked drums and bass and this took us a total of 2 days. Working with a friend is fun, but it’s also easy when you try and act professional. We’re on to record vocals in the next few weeks and then this journey continues with the mixing process, which we decided to experiment with another recording mastermind (we’ll keep his name a secret for now).

Of course the best part of recording is being goofy & exhausted in the studio, so here’s a small video we made during days 1 & 2.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more dumb shit.

Shentov | Feedbacker


Greek DIY scene | Lunatic Podcast #12

Just a day before our gig with Calf I was asked to make a podcast about the Greek DIY scene for our local webzine

Since the beginning of Feedbacker life was good enough to meet us with many cool bands from Greece and we’ve always felt at home playing there. Greek DIY scene is a true inspiration and we’re constantly intrigued and fascinated by the efforts and results that our friends put in making it happen. The next hour of music presents some of the most important names in Greece at the moment, without claiming to be a complete list or something. My main goal was to put together some of my personal favourites, united by their activity in the independent, anti-authoritarian DIY scene in Greece and beyond.

Podcast 12 COLOR

What this means? In short, artists rely entirely on their own strengths and manage to make their own concerts, recordings, distribution, etc. happen through a network of friends and followers on the principle of DIY. What we saw during our visits in Greece is indeed a working network of self-organized spaces, social centers and squats that allow bands to make gigs and pass their messages through without relying on bars, clubs and ticket sales. Concerts in independent spaces in Greece are most often funded by free donation, meaning that everyone can visit the event, regardless of their material possibilities. What matters is personal responsibility and involvement of the participants (artists, listeners, organizers) instead of “stars” and “fans” divided by profit.

Hope you enjoy this selection!


1. Friend Of Gods – Die A Cello
2. Broken Fingers – This Glass House Looks Empty
3. One Leg Mary – Ages Since
4. Yubari Gogo – Ferosion as Emptiness
5. Calf – Obedience
6. The You and What Army Faction – Degeneration Vacuum
7. Rita Mosss – Immigration
8. Nerrves – Nelly
9. Μαύρο Γάλα – Μοίρα Κακιά
10. Conspiracy of Denial – Doomed To Extinction
11. Dead Elephant – Cruising On The Sun
12. Mass Culture – Μιάσματα
13. Mummrah – Καλύτερες Μέρες
14. Procrastinate – Bygones
15. Sarabante – Πνιγμένοι Στη Σιωπή
16. Αρχή του Τέλους – Ξέσπασμα Μίσους
18. Χειμερια Ναρκη – Εφιαλτες
19. Autumn Acid – Ache

Black Dio, Feedbacker, Bleak Revelation show | August 6th 2017

Top blokes from local doom unit Bleak Revelation invited us to take part in a gig they were organizing. Italian stoner/doom band Black Dio was coming around, so the Bleak crew did a decent DIY job in booking and setting a killer show. We tried to help them a bit and had loads of fun while playing the show. Most of the crowd was faces unknown to us, which was a real treat. Thanks to all involved and to every single one that came after the gig with that “mind = blown” grin on the face. This is the best feeling!

Next show is coming in a month – this time we’re bringing our friends from Calf (GR) in town. Amp worship!!!

Photos by George Nikolov

DIY LIVE: Autumn Acid & Feedbacker live in Sofia

What an amazing night that was. Totally self-organized, lots of friends, free donation entry (that actually almost covered gig costs!) and most of all – killer live! Thanks to Autumn Acid, RiP, the Underground Gallery crew and every single one who came and supported this gig! DIY is awesome! 

Green Yeti/BUS/Feedbacker live in Sofia

Unfortunately our gig with YÖU (MK) got cancelled due to illness of their guitar player Marko. Too bad, since we were really looking forward to this gig and playing with such a great band. Still hoping to catch up once they tour again and play “We Sing the Blues” (their rad new album that you have to check out if you’re into highly energetic and emotional Dischord-inspired melodic hardcore).


However, there was a quick fill for the date, since we got a lovely offer to play with Green Yeti and Bus the Unknown Secretary from Greece. Location was Live & Loud here in Sofia. We had some good clean fun and both these bands are fucking amazing!

Here’s some photos: 

We’re announcing our next gig soon, stay tuned!

#mikeixlives: Rawk benefit for Mike IX (EHG)

Kickass show last night! As we already mentioned a thousand times, Feedbacker and 5 more local bands (Bloodrush, CorecomMuddy, The Flying Detachment and UPYR) took part in a benefit gig for a great guy named Mike Williams, vocal chord-ripper for NOLA legends EYEHATEGOD. No need for gibberish or big talk this time. People came and donated some money that the guys at Rawk’n’Roll zine & booking are sending towards Mike’s fundraiser. Hope we helped even a tiny bit! Get well, motherfucker!

The whole show was streamed online and you can watch it here:

Two-piece bands that kick major ass!

“Man, you make a lot of noise for half a band” is among the most flattering lines I’ve heard while playing with Feedbacker. Two-piece bands are raising an eyebrow or two all around the world and many people are still surprised that such thing exists. While certainly not being the norm, this compact format isn’t exactly unheard of in many genres. To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with many of my now favorite duos before I actually got to play in one. It is actually amazing how much is accomplished within the “restrictions” that the two-piece frame usually comes with!

People play multiple instruments, dive deeper in exploring effects pedals, time-based units, loopers, synths, or just use raw energy to make their instrument of choise capable of filling the imaginary void of what a rock band should sound like. Many artists don’t follow a norm at all, describing new boundaries with their art. Moving a step aside from the typical rock or metal genres, a duo isn’t exactly uncommmon in the noise/impro scene, worldwide. So, many of the two-piece bands I like are somehow connected with free-form or improvisational music, like Lighning Bolt, Ruins or Body/Head. I can talk or write about that matter for hours, but nah… fuck that.

Instead, here’s a list of two-piece noise-rock(ish) bands that I really dig. The “noise rock” is very deliberately used here, since I don’t really care about that kind of shit anymore. Let’s just say I like my music heavy and noisy and it’s obviously (mostly) rock-based, so yeah, you get the picture.

Two-piece bands that I have known and loved


godheadSilo is a noise rock duo based in Olympia, Washington (but originally from Fargo, North Dakota) and one of the first noise rock bands I’ve ever heard. Keep in mind that this was way before the internet and YouTube was a thing, so I totally didn’t know they were a duo. They originally started as a three-piece with Phil Leitch on guitar, Mike Kunka on bass and Dan Haugh on drums.  However, Leitch left the band right after their first show at Fargo’s Moose Lodge in 1991. From then on, godheadSilo continued as a two-piece.  They fucking rule.


Jem & Jace are from Melbourne, Australia and are one of the raddest bands I’ve ever heard. I really would love to share a stage with these two. They rip and they also run the We Empty Rooms label.

Nü Sensae

Nü Sensae are some punks from Canada who started out as a duo (but now have a guitar player). I really like them as a two-piece, but I have to say they sound even better with guitar. So, no damage done. Here’s a favorite from back when they were a duo. And, man… Daniel Pitout is one hell of a drummer…


beehoover are from Germany I think, and they play my fave blend of slower, creeping, distorted and heavy music. Check them out.

I just found out they also have this killer song called Stanislav Petrov, fuck if I know why!


Well, Jucifer are one of the first two-piece bands that I’m into… beautiful woman shredding before a wall of amplifiers, a hard hitting drummer, constantly touring and living in a fucking trailer/truck, killer music… what’s not to love. Their gig in Sofia was amazing. ❤


An amazing two-piece from Sarajevo, these guys are the best! You go and check them out. Right. Now. Instrumental minimalist masterpiece. Bass VI and killer drumming from Hell. Pretty much everything about this band is OK in my book. Hope we meet soon and play some shows together!


Talbot are from Estonia. They are heavy. I really love their shit. Their shit is really heavy. I can listen to that all day long. They have played in Sofia and I have missed their show being the dumb cunt that I am. Hope they come again or I go elswhere to see them.

Pucker Up

I found out about these guys just recently, and fuck man… they’re one of the most unique bands I’ve heard lately. Weird third-bridge guitar work, totally out of the box approach to songwriting and lots and lots of energy. Punk, noise rock, no wave, you name it, it’s really something. These guys are relatively small band but I’d love to see them go bigger and do a European tour or something.

Rita Mosss

Rita Mosss are a fucking fury live. They come from Athens, Greece and I fucking love them. It’s probably the only other two-piece band we shared the stage with, and it was a pleasurable experience!


MAW are a UK two-piece and I’ve been enjoying them a lot lately. Check them out.

Neopit Pilski

Once upon a time Neopit Pilski was a three-piece, but in the recent years operate as a duo. These are fantastic blokes and we’ve played some shows together with my old band KPD-0. Neopit Pilski are based in Germany, but they sing in Bulgarian, which is always lovely.

There’s a lot more two-piece bands that I love, but maybe I will spare that for another time. Hope you enjoyed these and found at least one new favorite.

Shentov | Feedbacker

Local benefit show for Mike IX (EHG)

Mike IX Williams and EYEHATEGOD always had a special place in my heart. Their music and message have touched me in a way that’s almost life-changing.

If we are inhabiting the same planet, you already know that Mike is battling some really serious health issues right now, leading him to hospitalization and urgent liver transplant. Luckily he got the operation and is now recovering. With him being an independent musician, this led to increased health expenses impossible for an underground artist to cover.

Long story short: these top notch guys from Rawk’n’Roll (pretty much the only Bulgarian stoner-sludge-doom-psych-whatever webzine, online since 2004) have invited us and a couple of the most fascinating heavy rock’n’roll bands in Sofia to gather forces and do a benefit show for Mike.

We have to give it to Rawk’n’Roll – they’re the people who brought EHG here in Sofia back in 2015. Not only that, but they let me take part in all this and open up for fucking EYEHATEGOD w/my solo drone noise outfit krāllār, along with Them Frequencies & UPYR. I’m forever thankful for that opportunity!

So here it is: Feedbacker‘s doing a local benefit show with awesome bands including Bloodrush, CorecomMuddy, The Flying Detachment and UPYR

All of the income from that gig will be transferred to Mike IX Williams’ account. Make sure to follow the event in Facebook and do come over if you can!

Mike’s fundraising campaign is here:

Three days of noise: a gig report

We’re back home after three days of noise* and what should be Feedbacker‘s first (mini) tour. We did Sofia, Plovdiv and Thessaloniki gigs along with great bands, had a great time, met cool people, drove like a thousand kilometers and now we’re back in Sofia and hungry for more. Here’s a short (well, I lied!)… a fucking long-ass gig report.

Gigs started off from Sofia along with Australian astral-space-core heroes Alithia (now that’s a fucking weird genre tag). But let me rewind back a bit…

Our initial plans included taking our new friends from Autumn Acid here in Bulgaria and share a total of four gigs with them, with dates both in Bulgaria and Greece. Long story short, almost a month before the start of said tour we fucked-up and had little to no luck with finding a vehicle big enough to fit both bands, so Autumn Acid had to cancel the Bulgarian gigs and we had to leave Athens for another time…

Bummer! But hey, we’re both bands that do everything DIY and we actually learned a lot from that experience, so no big deal. Trying to book a gig in Plovdiv for the first time, I contacted Nikola of TDK (and Post-Culture Stage) and we were lucky enough to catch him in the right moment while he was also booking Alithia for exactly the same dates we needed. So we ended up with gigs really fast. Thanks a ton, mate!

Now, Alithia turned out to be top blokes, but I could never imagine playing with them otherwise… let’s just say it was a unique and very diverse combination. We started off from Sofia at Live & Loud Club, which is a quite big venue, at least in my book.

Фондация Обещаното Нищо (Nikola’s other band, young lads from Plovdiv) were on the bill as well. This night we had to provide the whole stage backline, drums and amps and all that jazz. We don’t have much to write home about in the amplification department yet, but luckily I got some ace friends, who let me borrow some cool amps. This is the time to say thanks to Paco from Comasummer and Mihail Ballou from King of Sorrow for providing us with decent guitar and bass rigs.

Day I: Sofia

27 october happened to be a very busy day in Sofia, gigwise. The Ex and Bernays Propaganda were in town, and some other cool events were happening in different locations at the same time, so we were a bit fucked and not many people showed up. However, the guys from ФОН played a good show, and Alithia… well Alithia are real pros and played a show that easily could’ve been a fucking arena thing. Now these guys have some stage presence! Feedbacker played a short set that went really well, imo.

We were happy when we came off the stage, but not that happy when we had to haul all the gear in the back of my trusty old Renault wagon. Thanks to Niki (Comasummer) we succeeded to fit a whole drums set + 2 amp heads + huge ass 4×12 guitar cab + a bass cab + 2 guitars + all the drum paraphernalia + 3 persons and unload all this crap into 3 different locations. I got home as early as 4AM and I was barely able to hold my eyes open. Yay! Rockstar life!

Day II: Plovdiv

28 october – we took a 2 hour drive to Plovdiv with Desi and landed in the center of the city right into Rorschach’s (aka Post-Culture Stage).

We met the Alithia guys and our new friends from Plovdiv and had a cup of nice hot coffee while waiting for the soundcheck. We had a nice little chat with John Rousvanis – thanks for that, mate! Mindflux from Plovdiv were the opening act that night and they were really fun to watch.

They are really young fellas and it was their first hometown gig, and the audience cheered them up a lot and I got myself thinking about my first gigs when I was their age, some 15+ years ago… duh, I guess that doesn’t make me old at all… more like ancient!

We kicked off with a little fault-start. Some dumb fuck (me) pressed the mute button of one of my amps, so I started the first song with half a rig.

Soundguy wasn’t very happy with the fuzz mayhem coming out of my pedals, but I was, so fuck it, right? Here’s some more lo-fi footage from that night.

The venue had really small stage and it was all vibrating from the low frequencies, so one of my amps was constantly trying to jump off the cab. I had to literally kick it back in place inbetween songs, and on one occasion – during a song. This kind of shit is pretty stressful, I’ll tell you that, so we skipped our last song and got off stage faster than usual.

All in all it was a fun gig to play and there were some familiar faces in the crowd, so we were happy. We had to stay in one of the ФОН guys’ place that night, but right after the gig we decided to drive back to Sofia and take a proper shower before heading to Greece the next day. So we did exactly that. We fucked a little with the GPS taking us to weird dark places in Plovdiv, but eventually we got back on the speedway and made it home. We got in bed earlier than the previous day. Sweet!

Day III: Thessaloniki

29 october – I was really excited to play this city as we never did that before and there were some really good bands on the bill that night. We had some company – my main mate Koko and his friend Veni with us and he did most of the driving, which was way cool for me as I was a little tired and absent.

We had an easy ride and got to the venue like an hour earlier. As always, we missed out the left turn that had to take us straight to Biotexnia so we did a fucking full circle around and man – finding a parking place in Thessaloniki is almost as fucked as it is in Sofia! We started unloading our stuff only to see Stratos from Autumn Acid (and Hak Nam Collective, who were organizing the gig) coming down the street with his drums stuff on his back.

Now comes the good part! Biotexnia is a great self-managed place in Thessaloniki, ran by three different collectives who make gigs and whatnot there. Being a political (read anarchist) place, I felt very much at home. We got a yummy warm meal immediately and got treated really nice by all the guys and gals we met.


The Rita Mosss and Friend of Gods guys were there as well and they were also doing a three day tour around Greece, so we were pretty much on the same page. I have to say all these folks were great company, we felt like we’re friends for ages with all the dumb jokes and nice chats we had throughout the night. It seems that gigs in such places start really late, like 12PM the earliest, so we had plenty of time to do a proper soundcheck, hang out, have coffee, pizza, vegan gyros, smoke 10,000 cigarettes and all that. Here I do exactly that (the smoking part) on the amazing terrace they have in Biotexnia.

After playing gigs for so many years this was the first time someone (aka the most calm and easy-going soundguy, ever!!!) came to me and said “You just set everything the way you want to, like you’re rehearsing, and we’ll make the front of house sound from that!“. I was in heaven! You can tell it was a good soundcheck just by looking at this picture:

Also, I felt in love with that fucking Ampeg VH-140C amp, it sounded so clean and transparent and had the best reverb channel that I immediately decided to use live. A fucking thing of beauty!

Actually, because of that amp we started our set with a intro we never played live before. Everything was so at home with us in Biotexnia that I knew we’ll play a good set hours before we came onstage. And we did. Room was full, spirits were high. We had a great time!

Rita Mosss came out first around 12:30 and man did they do a great set! They started and finished as they were playing one big track consisting of many songs… amazing! Their drummer Dimitrios hit so hard that he broke the floor tom at some point, but didn’t stop (two guys fixed it in the meantime). Fucking flawless! Fantastic bass/drums duo noise-punk madness, I loved every fucking minute of their set. I really wish we had more bands like this back home. Now that would make our local gigs a lot less awkward…

Halfway through their set I just brought my phone out and shot a little video, fully aware that it will both sound and look like turd… but I had to. Here it is:

Feedbacker came on second and we did our set in front of a very cool crowd, I really hope that everyone was having a good time. I know we did!

Friend of Gods were third on the bill. They play a very energetic blend of math rock and punk. You should check them out! They are also really, really cool blokes and it’s super fun to be around them. We’re definitely going to join forces again in Athens and I really hope I can bring them to Sofia sometime soon.

Autumn Acid got onstage and then things got really heavy. They sound huge! And a lot better than the last time I saw them in Serbia, where the sound was a bit fucked up. They play really exciting post-metal sludge thing with growling vocals and weird time signatures. I hope we’ll have more to write home about very soon with them, but I won’t talk much until I know shit’s being done for sure. But, man, what a band they are!

After the show we put my wagon to another test – this time it was 6 adults + a dog (Kim) + our gear – and we made it like this to his place. Stratos was an amazing host and I cannot thank him enough for that. We had perfect place to sleep and rest, and his pets are so darn cute it’s almost embarrassing. We got to bed somewhere after 5AM and had a good rest.

In the morning we had a cool chat and a cup of coffee and after that we spent some time wandering around a desolate Thessaloniki, having more coffee and buying useless shit here and there before heading home.

Now that’s a really huge gig report, but I had so much to tell, and believe me when I tell you this is the short version. Thanks to all wonderful bands we shared a stage with in Bulgaria and Greece and hope to see you guys somewhere down the road very soon!

* P.S. I stole this headline (“Three days of noise”) from Rita Mosss & Friend of Gods. Sorry guys, it was too good not to!

Shentov | Feedbacker