Feedbacker: October shows

We’re hitting the road next week to play three shows – two in Bulgaria and a first-timer in Greece. We play two dates with Australian band Alithia (Sofia 27.10 & Plovdiv 28.10.), joined by ∅⊙∦ in Sofia, and Mindflux in Plovdiv. After that we’re heading South to Thessaloniki, where we play Biotexnia w/ some fantastic Greek bands – Autumn Acid, Rita Moss and Friend of Gods. Our initial plans included another date in Athens w/Autumn Acid & Dead Elephant, but – long story short – we hope that Feedbacker finally reaches this amazing city in 2017.

Now, we’re always excited about meeting new people and new places, so it’s gonna be a fucking adventure, that’s for sure. Same goes for the bands we’re sharing a stage with. We ended up on the same bill with Alithia completely by chance, thanks to Nikola (of ∅⊙∦ and TDK) who helped a great deal booking these two Bulgarian dates (Thanks, mate!).

The guys from Down under are playing Bulgaria for the second time I think, and have toured with local heroes smallman, so I guess I don’t have to explain. They do a more delicate version of music than we do (think post-rock), but I sure love diverse shows, so I can only hope that everyone else does as well.

Mindflux, I don’t know much about, except they are young and from Plovdiv. They seem to be playing their first hometown show on the 28th, which is kinda neat. Check them out!

We’ve already met Autumn Acid at Mount of Artan, and they sure kick some major ass, so I can hardly wait to see them live again. Rita Mosss, well… they are quite energetic two-piece that is hard to describe. You have to see that, I guess <3.

Friend of Gods come from Athens, and let’s just put it that way – we’re super glad to play with them too. Both bands (Rita Mosss & Friend of Gods) are heading for their own “three days of noise” throughout Greece, so we’re pretty much on the same page, heh. Guys also put out a poster that is too cute not to share. Here it is:

After these shows we’ll be busy moving out of our old rehearsal space (aka the Abyss) and heading to our new home at Wind City Studio. Now that makes me a little sad, but also excited about new opportunities, and hopefully – more recording. And we’re already planning on recording new stuff, as we got a split offer from as far as the Philippines, but I’ll save that for future post, OK?

Stay tuned, etc.

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